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Welcome to Rosedale Academy

Rosedale Academy Online Program is a premier high school program for the digital generation. With individualized and differentiated learning approaches, we help students reaching their full potential and life-long success.

Here are five reasons to enrol at our school.

1. Rich Curriculum

Specifically designed for the digital generation, our courses are rich, engaging and relevant.

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2. Inspiring Teachers

Our Ontario Certified Teachers inspire students to learn and grow.

3. Individualized Learning

Every student is unique. That’s why we offer flexible learning opportunities to accommodate each and every student’s learning style, schedule and needs.

4. Supportive Staff

Dedicated on student service, our staff provides administrative support of the highest caliber.

Counselling Service

From university application to community involvement, our experienced counsellor can support all your academic administrative needs.

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5. Positive Impact

Our approach makes a positive impact.