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Bridging students with the world.

Our program connects students with the world.

Global Campus is the right choice for engaged students who are seeking global opportunities. The program combines the best of digital-based, individualized learning with on-campus, in-person interaction to boost student learning experience.

Our model works really well.

100% Acceptance Rate*

 After the first year of introduction, we received staggering results. All senior students of Rosedale Global High School graduated with Ontario Secondary School Diploma and received multiple letters of acceptance from prestigious Canadian universities.

A Case Study

Please meet Julia, a 2015 Program Graduate*

Her Dream.

Julia was a smart & hard-working high school student living in a busy metropolis, China. Growing up experiencing exponential growth of Chinese economy, she wanted to pursue a career in business and commerce. She also wanted international experience where she could meet different people with various cultural backgrounds to broaden her perspective and knowledge. She conducted some research on the admission process of top North American and European universities but it sounded very confusing and difficult if not impossible. So Julia and her parents looked for an institution with right credentials and strong expertise to help navigating her path.

Rosedale Pathway.

In summer 2014, Rosedale Academy and local campus administrator connected with Julia and her parents. After discussing Julia’s dream, academic administrators of Rosedale Academy reviewed her achievements and conducted English assessment tests. The review results were very encouraging. Reflecting on her past achievements, we recommended Global High School’s University Pathway program to prepare her for university admission process and teach her how to think critically and be successful in a North American university. In addition, we recommended Julia to complete an English Language Learner program before starting the University Pathway program to boost her English proficiency.

University Application Process

In January 2015, our counsellor presented and discussed various university and program options with Julia. After several meetings, we made final selections and submitted application packages to Ontario University Application Centre, the centralized university application centre for all universities in Ontario.

Julia received multiple letters of acceptance from prestigious universities in Canada.

She joined the University of Toronto Rotman Commerce program in September 2015.

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