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Rosedale Academy Global Campus

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Global Campus Teaching Position F.A.Q.

Embracing innovation and technology, Rosedale Academy (BSID #668726) is an inspected independent online high school. Our mandate is to deliver world-class individualized learning experiences without boundaries. Rosedale Academy offers courses and grants credits toward an Ontario Secondary School Diploma. We believe modern education is personalized, individualized and without boundaries. We provide opportunities for students to take ownership of their own learning, to choose the way they learn best and to have flexibility on the pace at which they learn.
The Rosedale Global Campus is a premier hybrid education program that blends online education and in-person campus learning facilitation. The program is a collaborative program between Rosedale and international education partners.
Rosedale Academy expands its international presence through international education partnerships.
• In the program, Rosedale Academy (Toronto) manages academic administration, curriculum development, instructional leadership, teacher training programs, educational technologies and more.
• The overseas campuses are responsible for classroom instruction, tutoring, student enrollment and local services.
• Full time university pathway / diploma programs
• Part-time ESL / other academic course enrollment
• Teach Ontario Grade 10-12 courses in assigned subject areas
• Support student academic success and learning skill development
• Contribute to curriculum improvement and instructional effectiveness assessment
• Provide office hours to attend to student, parent, and administrative needs

The role may also involve assisting to plan and schedule classes of Rosedale OSSD full-time programs. Rosedale will provide related training and program operation handbook to all Global Teachers who will be assigned to overseas campuses.

The Rosedale Global Teachers, who demonstrate leadership potential and acquire sufficient experience on the program, will have opportunities to advance to a Teacher/Academic Consultant role in Global Campus practice.

Rosedale Global Teachers have dual reporting lines to both campus administrators and the Principal of Rosedale Academy.
Yes, you are the employee and teacher of Rosedale Academy. Rosedale assigns its own teachers with an Ontario education background to overseas campuses to conduct classroom instruction. Over time, the campuses will hire their own teachers and Rosedale will provide certification training to the teachers in campuses.
1. You get a true Ontario teaching experience: work full-time for an Ontario high school and teach OSSD courses;
2. Obtain extensive professional development opportunities which include:
a. Intensive teacher induction training program;
b. Monthly professional development session, led by expert educators;
c. Active participation in continuous improvement of Rosedale curriculum and instructional effectiveness development cycle;
3. Work with a group of intelligent, dedicated, and funny people;
4. Deliver exceptional learning experiences around the world.
Rosedale Academy provides teacher induction and ongoing training sessions that are well designed and delivered by the Principal, Director of Academic Programs or education experts from Rosedale Academy.

The intensive teacher induction training may include:
• Part 1 – Program Training
• Part 2 – Teachers Professional Training
• Part 3 – Culture Awareness Training

Ongoing training sessions are generally scheduled once per month across the school year.

1. Submit your application package to
• Cover letter
• Resume
• A copy of university transcripts and teaching reports for recent graduates
2. Interview with the Principal or Director of Academic Programs of Rosedale Academy
3. Final interview with the Managing Director of Rosedale Academy
Beijing (Mathematics/Science): Dec/January 2017
Beijing (English/ESL), Tianjin, Shenyang, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Xiamen: Summer/Fall 2017.
We are scheduled to have a majority of teachers on-board in July and August. For additional information, please contact us via e-mail.